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Apprentice Self-Service Registration (Payslip Access):


We understand that Apprentices are experiencing issues while trying to self-register for the CoreHR Portal in order to view their payslips. Many are saying they did not receive an email regarding registration and this most likely because they are linked to their SOLAS Moodle account.


  • There was an issue with migrating personal email addresses to CoreHR as part of go live and Moodle addresses were migrated across for most apprentices.


  • Where personal email addresses are available in SOLAS, these have now been updated on the CoreHR system.


  • All Apprentices will receive a new email to register for the CoreHR Portal later today and for approximately 75% of apprentices this will go to their personal email address provided by SOLAS.


  • For all Apprentices who have not yet successfully registered, they should follow the instructions as per the new self-registration email which will be sent to them later today.


  • For apprentices that only have Moodle email accounts recorded by SOLAS we expect that they will still have issues registering to see their payslips as they don’t use the Moodle account.   We have discussed with SOLAS and they will send these apprentices a text message today with a link to provide their personal email address.     We request that Apprentices complete this by COB Wednesday 01st April.    Once this is done, apprentices emails will be updated on both the SOLAS system and CoreHR.   They will receive a new registration link for CoreHR to their personal email address in order to complete self-registration for online payslips.



We understand ETBs are receiving many calls from Apprentices who are querying the amount of tax they have been deducted. Please note:


  • CoreHR MPS retrieve Revenue Payroll Notifications (RPNs) from Revenue during each payroll run.    The last RPN retrieval that took effect for the first payroll period  took place on 11th March.    For the first payroll run all apprentices were placed on a Week 1 basis unless emergency tax applied.    This means cumulative RPNs did not get applied in the last payroll period.    


  • RPNs have been requested for all apprentices (including new joiners) and available RPNs will be applied for the next payroll period before the payroll is finalised.    If no RPN is available for an apprentice they will be on emergency tax in line with standard Revenue procedures.




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